Democratic Learning

Democratic Learning Demos!
Learn more about what League schools are doing to illustrate their commitment to Democratic Learning!

What is democratic learning, and what makes it democratic?

The purpose of democratic learning is to provide all students with strong academic and social skills, problem solving abilities, and civic attitudes that will equip them to work for a better democratic life for all.

Democratic learning:

  • Students and teachers working together to make students' learning a contribution to their community.
  • Students demonstrating their learning in public settings and receiving public feedback.
  • Students having escalating degrees of choice, both as individuals and as groups, within the parameters provided by the teacher.
  • Students actively working with problems, ideas, materials, and people as they learn skills and content.
  • Students being held to high degrees of excellence in both their academic objectives learned and their contributions made to a larger community.

Deepening the work of the League

Why is the League deepening its work from focusing on democratic governance and action research to democratic learning?

Where can I read more about the League's commitment to democratic learning?

Does this deepening of our work mean we will no longer work with issues dealing with covenants, governance, and action research?

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