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Photo of White County Intermediate Project

White County Intermediate School

"Why is a grave six feet deep and three feet wide? How were people buried and in what type of casket 200 years ago? Why is learning about our forefathers important to us today? How does what we are doing relate to our lives today? How can our project be helpful and become a learning situation for our community? These are some of the questions being asked by students and teachers at White County Intermediate School in Cleveland, Georgia.

Fourth grade students at White County Intermediate School are participating in a Georgia Learn and Serve Project this school year. Following a workshop through the League of Professional Schools during our 2001 post-planning, teachers at the school began brainstorming areas in which our students could be involved in this type of educational experience. Encouraged by Principal Dr. Jounida Bradley, several fourth grade teachers attended a grant workshop through Pioneer RESA during the Fall of 2001 and received money to begin the project entitled the Murdoch Gravesite and Garden Restoration Project.

The grave of a Revolutionary surgeon, Dr. Joseph Murdoch, is located on the school property. It was in disarray and pretty much abandoned. Students, parents, community volunteers, and service agencies are involved in restoring the gravesite and beautifying the area to one of peace and tranquility. Lesson plans by teachers include all areas of the curriculum integrating the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum and Character Education as students are involved in these activities. Active participation in learning, application of skills, working closely with community, and providing collaborative time for students to discuss what they are learning has resulted in a powerful tool of teaching for this group of instructors. Culmination will be a celebration of projects and presentations by the students."

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White County Intermediate School
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Cleveland, GA 30528
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