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Does this deepening of our work mean we will no longer work with issues dealing with covenants, governance, and action research?

We will continue to work with covenants, governance, and action research but they will be used as tools to fucs on the creation, implementation, and assessment of democratic learning. Richard Elmore, in referring to schools that have been successful in schoolwide efforts to improve students learning, wrote: The schools that seem to do the best are those that have a clear idea about what kind of instructional practice they want to produce, and then design a structure to go with it. Following Elmore's advice, we want member schools to first reach a collective agreement about implementing democratic learning in their classrooms and then design covenants, governance structures and action research procedures to support this effort. This puts democratic learning at the center of our work and defines covenants, governance, and action research as supportive means to an end.

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