In an effort to link people from different League schools together and give them the opportunity to network, we would like to create a listserv for all League school teachers who participated in the 2002 Fall Institute held in Savannah on October 20-22, 2002. Since we are relying more on email communication to send news, updates, and announcements, we would like to have complete and accurate email addresses for all individuals involved in the League. This will be our primary means of disseminating information about upcoming events and information relevant to League schools.

Listserv Q & A

1. What is a listserv?

A: A listserv is an electronic mailing list. It is a collection of individual e-mail addresses that is identified by one “list” name, i.e. When you send an e-mail to the list address, every individual included in the collection of e-mail addresses receives the message.

2. What are listservs used for?

A: Mailing lists are an excellent tool for communicating with large numbers of people. They can be used for something as simple as sending a message reminding people about a meeting, or they can be used as a forum to discuss specific topics and issues. Listservs can be a powerful tool for asking questions, making suggestions, and receiving feedback from other teachers and principals in League schools.

3. How often can I expect a message from a listserv?

A: It depends on how active the list members are. The frequency of communication varies depending on the number of listserv subscribers and the level of activity desired.

4. How do I become a member of a listserv?

A: You usually become a list member by sending a message to the subscription e-mail address requesting that you be added to the list. Please provide your name and e-mail address below, and we will add you to the League teachers' listserv.

5. If I sign up to be a member of a listserv, am I am member for life?

A: No, you can unsubscribe anytime. Instructions are provided when you join the list. Or, you can call the League office to have your address removed from the list.

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